Monday, June 26, 2006

¿Where is Dataphor?

I wonder where is Alphora Dataphor nowadays. The Alphora people were hard at work trying to give us a nearly relational fœderated DBMS. I was expecting for earlier ðis year (perhaps unwarranted) a verſion running on Mono (or DotGNU Portable.Net) and PoſtgreSQL, but heard noþing elſe except ðat ðey were working on ðeir own ſtorage engine.

Ðe þing is, I would like to recommend ðeir tool to ſome people doing web apps, but I can’t in good conſcience recommend MS Windows ſervers.

Ðe only oðer alternative I ſee now, since Alfredo Novoa’s project ſeems dormant, would be Rel maturing faſt, but somehow ðis does not ſeem probable at all, being ſtuck at an α verſion since January.