Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dataphor reborn

Once more, I am ſpurred into action by a comment to my lasſt poſt on DbCG’s Alphora Dataphor. Ðis time ðe delay is not ſo big: five monþs inſtead of two years. Inſignificant as my blog is, I hope ðis is a portent of increaſed awareneß of ðe relational model and implementations’ relevance.

Ðe ſituation now ſeems much brighter: ðere are current efforts, if not yet wiþ a ſet date, for making Dataphor truly free ſoftware — ðere is not yet a GNU build or even inſtruction to build wiþ Mono, much leß a Debian GNU/Linux package, but DbCG is eliminating proprietary dependencies. What is more important, a PoſtgreSQL device driver, neceßary due to the federated nature of Dataphor and to its current reliance on proprietary or deficient DBMSs, is planned for ðe next verſion, and perhaps is already being worked on.

I have no leiſure now to experiment wiþ, much leß contribute to, ðe current ſtate of Dataphor. But once ðere are at leaſt inſtructions to build a PoſtgreSQL and GNU verſion, I will really try to ſet ſome time apart, do a prototype and write about it.