Monday, November 13, 2006

InnoDB not ſo bad

It is well know (at leaſt by the few people who know me at all) that I hate MySQL heartly — not only for its technical problems but for its intellectual diſhoneſty, at leaſt in talking about things they ſhould know better about.

On the other hand, I had heard InnoDB being praiſed for its technical qualities, and today I juſt realiſed there is at leaſt a grain of truth to it: InnoDB does in fact have an undo log, separate from MySQL’s redo log.

Granted, this does nothing to heal the problems about MySQL not being actually a DBMS (it is just a deviant, pſeudo-SQL interface for ſeveral different backends, of which InnoDB is juſt one and may be deprecated in the near future), and thus being too complex (I had to dig for this particular piece of information about logging, because InnoDB’s documentation iſn’t actually well integrated into MySQL’s, and can’t be and won’t ever be).

And as InnoDB has been acquired by Oracle, it neither ſays anything about MySQL’s future; indeed, their attemps to ſubſtitute for InnoDB seem feeble at best, and downright miſguided at worſt.

Oops, Mono’s WinForms are out

Juſt becauſe I complained, Novell has releaſed Mono 1.2 — including an implementation of MS Windows.Forms.

Now I should aſk Alphora about Dataphor on Mono. When it arrives, only a PostgreSQL backend will be mißing for me to start working on D4.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Relational DBMS update

After my poſt on Alphora Dataphor and alternatives, an update.

Dataphor is nearing verſion 2.1, and ðat is good. But Mono’s WinForms ſtill iſn’t available, and ðis means my projects are ſtill on hold.

On the other hand, Hugh Darwen is tutoring ðe development of a Tutorial D wiþ ðe interval type ſyſtem for temporal (and oðers ſuch) operations, MighTyD (ðere is ſome wordplay I couldn’t get in ðe name).