Thursday, July 5, 2007

Open ſyſtems photography

I ƿould like to be an open ſyſtems photographer — amateur, obviouſly. Ðis ƿould mean firſt uſiȝ a camera ƿhoſe raƿ file format is ſupported by dcraƿ — ðis is eaſy, almoſt all are; ſecond, uſiȝ ðe Four‐Þirds Syſtem — eaſy too, ðere are or ſoon ƿill be Panaſonic, Olympus and Leica bodies for all taſtes and budgets, and Leica, Sigma and Zuiko lenſes for all preferences, includiȝ in‐body or in‐lenſes ſtabiliſation, manual or mechanical focuſiȝ and ſo one; and ðird, fully‐documented Adobe DNG raƿ file output — ðis one is bad, as it does not interſect ƿiþ 4/3 cameras.

Leica does have a DNG‐outputtiȝ 4/3 dSLR, ðe Digilux 3. Alas, ſtill too expenſive for me, ƿiþ alſo expenſive image‐ſtabiliſed lenſes, and heavy too if compared to Olympus cameras. Alſo, it ſeems the information ſent by manual focus riȝ to ðe body iſn’t covered by the 4/3 ſtandard. But I gueß if I get ſerious about photography I could end up votiȝ ƿiþ my Dollars (or Reais).