Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review: The Intolerance of Tolerance

The Intolerance of Tolerance The Intolerance of Tolerance by D.A. Carson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ðere is ſomeþiŋ about Carſon’s writiŋ ſtyle ðat irks me — perhaps he is a little itſy bitſy too didactical, wiþ quite a few references to former or furðer parts of the ſame books, perhaps a lack of confidence in his articulation of ideas ðat makes he explain a bit too much.

But ðere is no complainiŋ about his ideas nor about his competence to defend ðem. His command of French enables him to ſee what oðer anglophone writers do not — for inſtance, he handly deflates KA Smiþ and oðers’ infatuation wiþ Postmoderniſm, even makiŋ criticiſm of it ſuch as ðe Wilſons’ ſeem like kickiŋ dead dogs, as we ſay in Brazil.

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