Saturday, January 12, 2019

Review: HAIPOJI 5

HAIPOJI 5 HAIPOJI 5 by Takashi Kira
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great read. Why only four ſtars?

* Explicit ſex. Totally uneeded. Lack of ability of ðe auþor to imply ðe dirtineß of ðe protagoniſt’s life wiþout actually ſhowiŋ it.

* Quite confuſiŋ towards ðe end. It depicts a multiverſe where ðe protagoniſt gets mixed between þree or four univerſes, but unleß one’s familiar already wiþ ðe concept, & ſpecially in a ſerialiſed work, it can be uneceßarily taxiŋ to read.

* It is highly unſatiſfyiŋ ðat ðe protagoniſt’s wife turns irretrievably againſt him for no apparent reaſon, even if he ſeems a genuinely faiþful & nice huſband — juſt not a hero, but growiŋ even in his fourties & fifties.

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