Friday, February 16, 2007

But MySQL sucks.

I ƿas yeſterday to a ſpeech at an Univerſity by a ‘ſenior MySQL conſultant’ or ſomeþing the like, about ‘high availability and performance with MySQL cluſters’, a ƿell knoƿn oxymoron. Indeed đey are great bit bruſhers, but becauſe of the loƿ expectations of đeir clients, đeir high level of proprietary lock-in, and immediatiſt approach, they eßentially have garbage technology đat barely ƿorks and ƿill be hacked to deaþ.

Good neƿs for the competitive poſition of PoſtgreSQL, except đat it is not nice to ƿin due to the ſuffering of competitors’ uſers. And đat Microſoft has proved đat đis obſcurantiſt approach does ƿork in the market. Rational expectations anyone?