Monday, August 6, 2007

Olympus E‐510

My ƿife’s Olympus E510 has finally arrived. Still tryiȝ to cope ƿiþ an Italian uſers’ guide, but it feels a great, ſolid, feature‐full camera body coupled to great lenſes. Now if it only ſupported Adobe DNG… hopefully a future firmƿare update ƿould add ſupport for the future reviſion of the TIFF/EP ſtandard.

Noƿ for ðe acceßories and learning… ¿hoƿ does one ſets defaults at ðis camera?

Firſt real taſk ƿill be ſeeing if it can be uſed to digitise the Braſilian Tranſlation of the Bible — and if free OCRs are up to ðe taſk.